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Sakina Privacy Protector Tool 4.0.5 (2012-06-14)
Sakina Privacy Protector is a tool that keeps your private info uncompromised.
Private Folders Protector Tool 2.2 (2012-06-10)
Protect private files and folders on your computer with a password,Free!
Privacy Control Tool 2011.11 (2012-06-10)
Erase all footprints, protect your privacy and restore your system performance..
Program Access Controller Tool (2012-06-10)
Program Access Controller can Block, Restrict, Password Protect Programs or Apps
Lock the desktop 1.0 (2012-06-07)
Lock the windows desktop with a single keypress!
CDROM and DVD Rom Disabler Tool 2.3 (2012-06-07)
Disable CD and DVD Drives. You can download the program for free!
BlackBox Password Manager Tool 3.9.3 (2012-06-06)
BlackBox Password Manager for Windows stores encrypts your passwords for FREE.
WinLock 6.0 (2012-06-05)
Comprehensive security solution.
Pcprox RFID Reader Tool 1.3 (2012-06-03)
Pcprox RFID Card Reader Tool
HomeMonEasy Video Streamer 2.06012012 (2012-06-01)
Video Monitoring Software to remotely monitor your house, business, kids, etc...
MaaS360 Glimpse for Mobile Data Tool (2012-05-20)
Use this free tool for a snapshot of your end users' connections free download
Game Over Free 1.0 (2012-05-20)
Simple application that prevents launch of any selected processes.
Chaper one Pro Tool 10 (2012-05-17)
Parental control software for home and office, Free Dowload!
Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication (2012-05-15)
Live ID and OpenID Trusted Identity Provider for Claims Based Authentication
Hide It 4 Me Tool (2012-05-08)
Hide It 4 Me discretely hides a selected folder and its entire contents.
Hide Folders 2009 Tool (2012-05-08)
Protect your files and folders from prying eyes! Try it now!free download now
Office Cyber Alert Tool 3.45 (2012-05-07)
Record, archive, and review your employees PC and Internet activity.
Hide Files & Folders Tool (2012-05-06)
Hide Files & Folders from viewing and searching, or protect them by password
Hide & Protect any Drives Tool (2012-05-06)
Pasword protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash
Win Clear (erase Windows history) 2.111 (2012-05-03)
Clear computer & Internet history and protect your privacy with Win Clear
SWP Free Hide Message (2012-05-03)
encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes.
Office Password Decryption Tool (2012-05-02)
Office Password Decryption recovery all versions of Microsoft Office Passwords
GateWall DNS Filter Tool (2012-05-02)
Internet control by filtering DNS requests. Can be set up locally or remotely.
Outlook Express Password Recovery 10.08.01 (2012-04-19)
Paving your way to instant OE password recovery
Keylogger XE (2012-04-18)
KeyLogger XE keystroke keyboard spy system sending passworded Logs to Email
Keylogger XE (2012-04-18)
KeyLogger XE keystroke keyboard spy system sending passworded Logs to Email
USB Security 2.6 (2012-04-14)
Help to keep your computer or network safe with USB Security.
Keylogger NET4 (2012-04-13)
Keylogger NET4 keystroke keyboard spy system sending passworded Logs into Viewer
Keylogger NET Plus (2012-04-12)
KeyLogger Net Plus keystroke keyboard spy for information security on PC
a-keylogger 2.0 (2012-04-09)
Keylogging software logs and monitors all activity on your computer
Ez Internet Timer Tool (2012-04-08)
Best Family Internet Filter. Control Child Internet Time, e-mail, messengers.
SWD Hide Message (2012-04-08)
encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes.
Password Vault 1,0.0 (2012-03-27)
CodeWonders Password Vault is a utility to store and manage passwords
Sentry 3.0 (2012-03-21)
Lock down your PC while you're away and prevent unauthorized access.
Family Cyber Alert Tool 4.54 (2012-03-21)
Record everything your family does online and offline, including keylogger
PC-Alarm and Security System 2.2.12 (2012-03-18)
Transforms PC into a burglar and fire alarm. Monitors mouse, keyboard and MIC.
TPD Browser Lock 2.0.3 (2012-03-13)
Control Internet access on your computer while you are away.
Folder Protect Tool 2.9.4 (2012-03-07)
Protect, hide, delete proof, write proof and block access your data.
Advanced Keylogger 3.0 (2012-03-01)
Track keystrokes, visited websites, sent and received emails on your PC
AllowBlock 2.13 (2012-03-01)
Parental control content filter type software. Block or allow selected websites.