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ANPR 1. 0. 10. (2006-03-02)
Select a directory with car images and ANPR reads their number plates regis
Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 6.82 (2006-02-01)
Source code and software metrics for C, C++, C# and Java. SLOC, LOC, FP
LTFCrypt 1.1 (2006-01-24)
Learn step by step, an easy way to build your own file encryption program in C++
C to C++ Converter 1.4 (2006-01-23)
Convert automatically C source or project to C++ with generated classes
Enterprise Architect for UML 2.0 v6.1 (2006-01-19)
Enterprise Architect is a flexible, complete and powerful UML2.0 modeling tool
Code Visual to Flowchart 3.5 (2006-01-17)
Automatic program Flow chart generator:supports Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint,bmp
UML State Machine Wizard 7.2 (2006-01-09)
UML State Machine Wizard for embedded systems developing
ceWISE - Edelwise C Interface 1.0 (2005-12-29)
The ceWISE Pro Interface; for task-to-task communication between VB and C
Easy Way to Use MySQL++ 2.0 (2005-12-12)
Learn how to use MySQL++ with MFC
Blue Ink 1.4.1 (2005-11-28)
A rapid application development tool for .Net software development
Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs 2.0 (2005-11-22)
Learn how to create MySQL clients in C and C++
ActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Component 2.6.2 (2005-11-20)
Gantt Chart Windows Forms Control for C# programmers
Spices.Net 4.5.6 (2005-11-16)
Tool for protecting, decompiling, analysis and documenting of .Net assemblies.
Easy Way to Use SQLite 2.0 (2005-11-10)
Learn how to create embedded SQL database applications using Visual C++
MySharpEbook 1.0 (2005-11-07)
Use C# to compile HTML content into a .NET executable
TA4.Net 1.0 (2005-11-03)
76 most popular technical analysis functions and indicators for .NET
tangible architect community edition VS2003 3.0 (2005-10-26)
Create Database Applications in record time!
Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ 2.0 (2005-10-14)
Use your Visual C++ compiler to compile HTML files into a Windows executable
Easy Way to Build E-Greetings in C++ 1.0 (2005-10-11)
Create your own personalized multi-media greeting cards using Visual C++.
RTextPrinter for .NET 1.0 (2005-10-01)
.NET assembly used to print reports in text mode
Speech Engine DLL SDK 5.01 (2005-09-25)
Develop Speech Recognition for voice commands in any spoken language
Embedded Speaker Verification Kit 1.12 (2005-08-31)
Embedded Windows CE Speaker Verification Developers Kit using x86 CPU SBC
Easy Way to Build XML-enabled Programs 1.0 (2005-08-01)
Learn how to create XML-enabled applications using Visual C++ with TinyXML.
SoliNav 2005 1.3 (2005-06-01)
SoliNav add-in for Visual Studio.Net 2003: Stop wasting time searching your code
NextGeneration .NET Code Generator 1.1.0 (2005-05-31)
Code Generator outputs ASP.NET pages, C# Database objects and stored procedures
C++ GDS Plugin 0.9 (2005-03-28)
This plugin allows Google Desktop Search to index C++ and C files.
Antechinus C# Editor 6.1 (2005-02-16)
Easy to use, lightning-fast C# editor with visual form design.
SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter 2.56 (2004-10-07)
SourceFormatX is a source code formatter and beautifier for c/c++/c#/java/pascal
SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter 2.56 (2004-10-07)
SourceFormatX is a source code formatter and beautifier for c/c++/c#/java/pascal
Universal Report 5.0 (2004-09-27)
A generic and powerful code analysis and documentation tool
GeoBase 0.8 (2004-09-01)
Street mapping, geocoding and routing component for Linux and .net, Navteq Data
C-Free 3.5 (2004-08-15)
An excellent Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for C/C++ language.
Xceed Chart for .NET 3.0 (2004-05-11)
The common-sense .NET chart component for creating spectacular 2D/3D charts
Xceed Chart for ASP.NET 3.0 (2004-05-11)
The common-sense ASP.NET chart component for creating spectacular 2D/3D charts
FreeTextBox 1.6.3 (2004-03-10)
Free, customizable ASP.NET MSHTML control for WYSIWYG editing in Web pages.
ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0 (2004-01-03)
Visual Studio add-in, generates class methods for executing stored procedures
SourceGrid (2003-11-09)
Simple .NET grid. No databinding, design-time, grouping or master/detail.
Lumisoft UI Controls 1.1 (2003-10-16)
12+ flat controls for Winforms. Lack WYSIWYG design-time support, databinding.
OpenSSL 0.9.7c (2003-09-30)
SSL, TLS, and a cryptography library. Perl or Cygwin needed for Win32 compile.
Garbe.Sound Audio DSP Beta 1 (2003-09-07)
A C# .NET digital audio processing class library for creating filters.