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River Past Screen Recorder 7.2.5 (2007-02-13)
Capture screen to AVI video file, with choices of video and audio codecs.
ViewletBuilder 4.5.11 (2007-02-07)
Easily build Flash Tutorials with no knowledge of Flash and it's FREE to start
Capture My Screen 1.03 (2007-01-17)
Capture a screen, with professional quality, has never been so easy to realize
Image Grabber 2.0 (2007-01-08)
Screen Capture software is tool.
Solid Capture 3.0 (2007-01-05)
Screen Capture and Image Sharing Toolkit. Capture and collaborate with ease!
Screencorder 5.054 (2007-01-01)
ScreenCorder 5 captures and records all your desktop activity in minutes.
ScreenShot2File 1.3.0 (2006-11-22)
Saves entire screen or active window to 5 file formats (JPEG,TIFF,PNG,GIF,BMP)
VMN Toolbox 4.0 (2006-11-21)
A lightweight application that provides you with free handy utilities
SimplyCapture 1.3 (2006-11-21)
SimplyCapture is a Powerful screen/video capture tool!
River Past Cam Do Webmaster Edition 3.1 (2006-11-19)
Record webcam to AVI, WMV, or optional MOV, MP4, 3GP, or upload to website.
HeavyMath StereoPic 3.1 (2006-11-19)
Take 3D anaglyph stereo photos from two webcams. Output to BMP or JPG images.
River Past Cam Do 3.1 (2006-11-19)
Record webcam to AVI, WMV, or optional 3GP, MOV, MP4.
River Past Screen Recorder Pro 7.1 (2006-11-19)
Capture screen to AVI/WMV/DivX/OGM/MKV or optional MOV/MP4/3GP
River Past Screen Recorder 7.1 (2006-11-19)
Capture screen to AVI video file, with choices of video and audio codecs.
HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition 3.1 (2006-11-19)
3D anaglyph stereo webcam software. Upload via FTP or record to video file.
BugShot 2.0 (2006-11-08)
Capture, Edit, Save, and Print Screenshots in seconds!
HeliCapture 1.0 (2006-10-30)
New All-in-one tool for screen grabbing that have powerful vector-based editor
Growler Guncam (2006-10-27)
Growler Guncam is a game recorder and video capture tool.
Ateksoft CoolCapture 1.01 (2006-10-14)
ATEKsoft CoolCapture - unique programm for capture your PDA or Smartphone
Annotation Pilot 1.47 (2006-10-13)
Capture screen and label the screenshot. Email it or save as a graphic file.
Screen Beagle 1.34 (2006-09-27)
Advanced Screen Utilities Pack - Magnifier + Screenshot + Measurer + Dropper
Rikisoft EasySnap Studio 1.3.0 (2006-09-25)
Rikisoft EasySnap Studio is a powerful and easy-to-use screen capture software
CaptureXT Screen Capture 2.2.3 (2006-08-18)
Take screenshots and present professionally with amazing editing tools.
Capture Express 2.0a (2006-08-01)
A quick, easy way to capture your screen
King Kong Capture 1.2 (2006-07-26)
Download King Kong Screen Capture on you computer and keep the image forever.
ACA Capture 5.20 (2006-07-19)
Screen capture from desktop screen, output to popular file formats.
My Screen Recorder 1.0 (2006-05-29)
Create presentations, tutorials, demonstrations by recording desktop activities.
Easy Capture & Thumbnail 2.02 (2006-04-16)
Easily Capture images from your screen and create accurate thumbnail images.
5 Clicks - screen capture program 4.4.53 (2006-04-08)
Screen capture program that lets you save, copy or print the captured image.
MiniCap 1.05.01 (2006-03-06)
Cmmandline screenshot capure; by name, pid, hwnd, interactively, etc.
Easy Screen Capture And Annotation (2006-03-02)
Easy Screen Capture And Annotation will help you to capture and edit images.
Easyscreen Screen Capture 3.67 (2006-02-18)
Capture screens, convert images, add text to images, and more.
HeavyMath StereoPic 2.10.2 (2006-01-20)
Take 3D anaglyph stereo photos from two webcams. Output to BMP or JPG images.
AtPresent Recorder Pro 3.1 (2006-01-20)
Capture PC screen and save in Flash format.
Any Capture Screen 3.12 (2006-01-19)
Professional screen capture software that prints screen even DVD or games.
WSnap 1.3 (2006-01-10)
Wsnap makes screenshots of all screen elements, including 3D games, Flash clips
Pixy Professional 3.2 (2005-12-29)
Save time without printscreening to find the colour of a Pixel
CapSnapper 1.0 (2005-12-22)
Professional screen and window capture utility with alpha channel support
Capture Studio 1.63 (2005-12-21)
Screen capture and image editing tool, can auto-scroll to capture any view
Capture Professional 6.05 (2005-12-10)
Captures images & video with a powerful integrated image editor.