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TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Forms

Publisher: Steema Software
Product: TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Forms
Version: 2017
Cost: $ 769.00
File size: 19257 KB
Platform: iPhone,iPod,iPad,iTouch,iOS
Keywords: Chart Control, .NET for Xamarin.Forms, Chart for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Forms chart, Charts for Xamarin, Xamarin Chart Control,

Chart Controls for Xamarin.Forms (iOS, Android, UWP)

TeeChart Charting Controls for Xamarin.Forms offer a wide range of common and specialized chart types, gauges and maps with customizable tools for data visualization. The TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms license provides support for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and includes one year subscription with free upgrades and technical support. Source code is available as an option to buy.

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