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Computer Tech Format Cave Is A Richmond Company Specializing In Motherboard Repair And Data Recovery. We Fix What Other Online Stores Can’t.

Computer Cave Also Offers A One-year Personal Warranty On All Repairs And Used Hardware.

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Each Member Of The Current Team Has Completed A Series Of Manufacturer Certifications To Achieve And Maintain Current AppleĀ® ACiT And ACMT Certifications.

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Our Global Network Ensures That Our Suppliers Use Only The Highest Quality Parts For Every Repair. This Ensures That The Best Device Is Properly Repaired In The Shortest Possible Time.

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We Know It’s Tiring To Be Out Of A Device, Because This Is Lasik Kansas City. We Have Thousands Of Spare Parts In Stock, So Your Device Will Be Back To You Quickly.

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Client Is More Than Just Another Client. Clients Are Actors For Life. We Strive To Always Provide The Quality Of Service That You, Our Customers, Deserve.

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Computer Technological Cave is a local Richmond company specializing in motherboard repair and data recovery. We find alternatives that other stores cannot offer.

Computer Cave also offers a one-year warranty on all repairs and used hardware.

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Laptop Repair Tips

Today, one of my old favorite laptops has a serious problem, and after several hours of fiddling, I suspect that it has a faulty motherboard. He can go on a well-deserved rest, which will fall out once in a lifetime.

As for the positives, I decided to use this An opportunity to share the processes I use to troubleshoot laptop issues and the ideas behind those steps. patient


This Is A Toshiba A200 With A Core2Dou T7100 Processor And Very Good Graphics For A Six Or Eight Year Old Laptop. He Was My Main Computer 24/7 And Tormented Mercilessly For Twelve Hours A Day. Often 20 Or 30 Browser Tabs In Three Different Browsers, Plus Graphics Editing Software, Multiple Coding IDEs, Word Details, SSH Clients, A Python Web Hosting Server, And A Strange Virtual Device That Slips Away. Suddenly Open. When I’m Done, It Will Take Me Half An Hour To Turn It All Off!


The symptoms started about a month ago when the computer started shutting down and restarting randomly. Around this time, a small plastic spike fell off the power cord, so I assumed the cord was a bit fiddly and was losing its effectiveness. However, I had the uneasy feeling that a dodgy power connection would lead to a hard Shutdown rather than a hard restart. At the same time, since it only happened once every few days, I wasn’t too worried.

It started hanging a week ago. It had just gone through a lot of reboots at that point and I thought the hard drive was badly damaged so I thought about it a lot. It must have been about 18 months since I reinstalled Windows, so I took the risk of formatting and rebooting a working system from scratch. Thanks to my personal obsession with multiple synced save files, it was as easy as betting on a Windows installation DVD rather than a reboot, reset, and install. I’m not at all interested in whether I need this type of file or this file.

For a calendar day it looked like this, or looked better, but remember I was using a different PC workstation so it didn’t work very well. Then it started again. The morning before, it only lasted a few minutes before restarting. It’s time to do what I do.

My Repair System

I don’t separate laptops from other desktops.And working with them, but I’m less inclined to willy-nilly trade equipment for equipment.

My first step is to do everything on the same computer I’m working on. I download it on linux. Linux is an open source operating system (OS) that runs from a downloaded CD, DVD, or USB hard drive. I have created many different versions of Linux, I choose which ones to use based on the capabilities of the computer. There are minor versions of Linux I for using older machines, and full versions for newer and more powerful systems.

You must be using a Linux distribution for the exam, which requires approximately the same amount of power to run as Windows is installed on the computer. Thus, you are likely to see the same symptoms more often. For laptop testing, I used Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon on a USB stick.

The appearance of the Linux Troubleshooter indicates whether the problem is hardware or software. Let’s say you have a credible display issue where your screen goes blank when you start Windows. If something like thiscrashes when booting Linux, the problem is almost certainly hardware related. If you experience audio issues, this also happens on Linux, indicating a specific hardware issue. This is the main reason why I do this step in the first place.

The result is even less reliable if Linux doesn’t reproduce your bug. You should assume that a problem with your funds can be described as software related and this is moderately likely but not an absolute certainty. Since Windows and Linux are often different beasts, they affect different parts of your home computer differently, and may even use different parts of your system in the marketplace to perform the same tasks. Sometimes I find that on Linux it takes a lot longer to display conditions, so you may need more time.

In my case, the application was the previous result. The component rebooted and restarted without any problems, no matter what operating system it might be running on. I had a hardware problemema. It has been confirmed.

If your system remains safely powered on, then you will attempt to boot into safe mode. Some systems will go into safe mode if you pay attention to f8 at boot, but I think this is a good option. If that’s not enough for your career, you can use msconfig to start a session in safe mode. If your procedure works fine in safe mode, you may have software problems, many of which are probably related to device drivers.

Then you can try running Check Disk. Windows usually detects a corrupted problem drive, but sometimes you need to run CHKDSK manually.

Remove Elements

If you don’t like booting a live Linux OS and can’t boot it, then your first step is here.

First, remove all external monitors, keyboards, pets, and other USB devices. Turn on your company computer. If your problem is resolved, you assume that the problem is with one of these devices. Again, you may not yet beherena. These devices can only exacerbate yet another problem in your new system, possibly consuming additional power. Connect devices one at a time, checking your laptop every minute. If you can reliably reproduce the issue when you plug in an insured device, you’ve probably exploited the issue.