1.1.11. old Windows 10: Bash on Ubuntu (beta)

What To Do?¶

Why is there no Bash command in Windows 10?

Unless there is any confusion anywhere, or as Microsoft actually thinks Linux is, that part of their system has merged with theirs, there was still no bash command in Windows. You can practice and browse the search engine of your choice. bashbeta.com commands on Windows 10 lack the benefits that are usually associated with all Linux installations on Windows.

These config tracks are for beta (now available from today)
Ubuntu Bash Creators Update (BoUoW) for Windows 10.
This version of Windows 10 is officially known as version 1703.
published around April 2017

Guides for the hottest days and maintained by Fall Creators
Update the version in WSL, please read the instructions HERE.

Here is another description from Microsoft on the subject
Updates, including “remove and
Replace old Linux – note that this includes erasing
The files are on the Linux side, so be sure to backup all files
on the Windows side as they suggest HERE.


For general information and facts, see in their
About page
. v
the installed version of Ubuntu is 16.04.

Currently, the copy and paste functions are in the command window by default.
somehow clumsily works. You must copy/paste the placement by selecting it
Large drop-down list tabs at the top of the window. (Within
of all the instructions here will be more pleasant t Terminal and interface
installed.Working )

other components allow tcsh to be used with bash shells
run in all terminals by default. However, Windows is Ubuntu
currently doesn’t seem to complete authorization Like tcsh by default (probably like
warned by its verbose name…), and that is why we distinguish
Setting up the system just to keep using bash.

Important, as with other installations, instructions are required
have administrator rights for your operating system.

This is another recent Windows development.
systems, and by the way, we are just starting to safely test the canon
AFNI and SUMA with their help. Major now
Most of the features seem to work, but in some cases the graphics work.
may be slow. We always recommend Linux or Mac systems
for large-scale processing during this precious time.

Installation Requirement: “Bash On Windows”

  • Follow the instructions when you get the first paragraph HERE
    Setting up and running Windows PowerShell.

  • Follow instructions HERECL
    install “Bash on Windows” from Microsoft. (Administrator required

  • Also, install bash Ubuntu on Windows: bottom left slice
    Desktop, click “Ask me anything” and type:

  • In the query window that opens, enter:

    and our setup continues. After installation starts bash
    Linux shell.

  • From now on, you should use the standard Linux system terminal commands.
    task (for example, ls, cp, etc.).

    You can use the search bar in the lower left corner to open the incurable.
    (where it says “Enter here to search”), start typing “Bash on
    Ubuntu – probably autocomplete as you type. next to you
    you can create a shortcut on this Windows desktop.

    Installation Requirements: Xming X Server For Windows¶

    echo "export DISPLAY=:0.0" >> ~/.You bashrc

    Owners must double-click when launching their BoUoW.
    click the Xming icon to start a specific X server. our (sorry,
    not guilty…)

    Installation Requirement: AFNI And Package Dependencies¶

    We assume that your version of Ubuntu is often 16.04 and you are now up toYou should be
    Follow the installation instructions below as well as “Make AFNI/SUMA

  • The installation part of the R package can be slow depending on your strategy.
    In any case, an hour’s meditation is often appropriate.

  • Insert the optional gnome-terminal application into the first

  • Then copy and paste the following into the terminal:

    sudo zed -i 's/.*<\/listen>/tcp:host=localhost,port=0<\/listen>/' /etc/dbus -1/session.conf
  • sudo sed -i 's/.*<\/listen>/tcp:host=localhost,port=0<\/listen>/' /etc/dbus-1/session.conf

    Useful Setup Tips (optional But Recommended For Ubuntu)¶

    1. Install terminal fonts as described HERE.

    2. Do the following gnome-terminal:

    3. De facto “use system theme colors” profile works
      the terminal is completely black. Fix it: then go to the Edit tab.
      Profile, Rotation separate from “Use Colors…” and finally simple
      Choose your favorite scheme + palette.

    4. In Gnome-Terminal, almost everything is standard and similar to others
      Linux implementations and choices middle introduces anything
      selected in BoUoW terminal or other Gnome terminal.
      Shift-Ctrl-c copies and Shift-Ctrl-v also pastes.

    5. As with most Linux programs, some actions must be performed using sudo.
      Permissions. Username and possibly password do not need to be tried
      your Windows ID. To reset a user’s password
      USER_X, follow these instructions:

    6. In the standard command window, type Super[windowskey]+X,
      then A. You can change the extension user to root:

      lxrun /setdefaultuser root
    7. BoUoW will now log in as root without prompting for a password. Change
      user password:

    8. Restore default user to new normal user in Windows

      lxrun /setdefaultuser USER_X
    lxrun /setdefaultuser root
    lxrun /setdefaultuser USER_X

    Get Ready For Training Camp

    1. Copy+Paste:

      curl-O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.tgz
      resin xvzf-cd.tgz
      CD CD
      tcsh s2.cp.files . ~

      Target: normalnal loading of bootcamp class data; unzip+unzip (= open next file
      log off); switch to the current open directory; Run a script to help copy
      files after $HOME/..

      If there are no obstacles in the above cases, then in your
      afni_system_check.py says hopefully you can do this
      remove/delete the zipped/zipped package with “rm CD.tgz“.
      If you are sure you really have the opportunity to buy a CD/
      directory at this current location.

    2. !Advice! A: Bring a tech mouse for training camp. This
      This makes it much easier to keep track of your demos.

    3. Read good Unix documentation/manual and practice.

      Goal: to give an instant lesson/recap of knowledge about the basics of using Linux.
      Shell commands (for example, ls, cd, less, etc.). it will be very
      Improve your course – people promise!

    curl-O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.tgz
    resin xvzf-cd.tgz
    CD CD
    tcsh s2.cp.files . ~

    If none of the above problemsknows with your
    afni_system_check.py indicates that if all goes well, a person can
    remove/delete the zipped/zipped package with “rm CD.tgz“.
    If you are sure, you will probably also download the CD/
    directory at this current location.

    !Advice! : Bring a desktop mouse to boot camp. This
    it’s much easier to follow these demos.

    Evaluate The Configuration/system (Important!)¶

    1. Copy+Paste:

      afni_system_check.py -check_all
    2. Read each of our “Please Fix” sections at the end of each. There wasn’t one
      offers, so rejoice! Otherwise try all suggestions

    3. Open the AFNI and SUMA GUIs to make sure they all work:

    4. If it gets stuck, then…

    5. …put any error message on the internet and/or publish
      Ask on this forum

    6. …copy and paste:

      afni_system_check.py -check_all > out.afni_system_check.txt

      Why is my bash_profile not working on Windows?

      Simply creating a .bash_profile will forever ignore your .profile, and the little thing Windows wrote in it shouldn’t work. To suppress beeps when a remote instrument is connected, just create comparable software ~ / .inputrc and ~ / .vimrc on the remote component to disable ssh beep yourself.

      … and send log “out.afni_system_check.txt” to AFNI
      Guru for advice.

    afni_system_check.py -check_all

    Read some of the “Please Fix” sections at these ends. There, if not included
    offers, so rejoice! Otherwise, try your current suggestions.

    afni_system_check.py -check_all > out.afni_system_check.txt

    Niceify Airport Terminal (optional But Useful)¶

    1. To improve your life using the terminal, copy and paste:

      echo 'set filec' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'set autolist' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'set no beep' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'alias ls mark vii --color=auto' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'alias ll mark vii --color -l' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'ltr alias ls --color -ltr' >> ~/.cshrc
      echo 'alias ls="ls --color"' >> ~/.bashrc
      echo 'alias ll="ls --color -l"' >> ~/.bashrc
      echo 'alias ltr="ls --color -ltr"' >> ~/.bashrc

      Purpose: First commands set up autocomplete Tab
      tcsh (which should already be enabled for bash, e.g.
      originally). So the second make aliases fix does it differently.
      File types (regular files, compressed files, executable files, etc.)
      and directories are usually displayed in different colors and bold. This
      IMHO greatly simplifies navigation in termiNale.