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SmartVB6 2.0.1 (2007-04-06)
Development tools for VB6 programmers created to build fast and robust code.
SmartVBA 2.0.1 (2007-04-06)
Development tools for VBA programmers created to build fast and robust code.
DF_Language 1.0.264 (2007-04-03)
DF_Language gives you multiple languages to your Visual Basic projects
Office XP and .NET Style ActiveX Menu Control 2.01 (2007-03-31)
Easily add Office XP style menus for Visual basic application
RQDEV Studio 1.0 (2007-03-07)
Radpiq Code source editor with auto-completion support for all objects.
Aspose.Form for .NET (2007-02-14)
Aspose.Form is a GUI based InfoPath management component for web applications.
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET (2007-01-08)
Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a .NET component to edit the existing Pdf documents.
Aspose.Network for .NET (2007-01-06)
Aspose.Network is a .NET components suite for professional network programming.
Aspose.Chart for .NET (2007-01-02)
Aspose.Chart is a .NET component supporting to create more than 20 chart types.
Aspose.Total for .NET (2006-12-11)
Aspose.Total is a suite of 17 powerful and widely used .NET components.
VBConversions VB.Net to C# and J# Converters 1.0 (2006-12-06)
VBConversions VB.Net to C# and VB.Net to J# Converters.
Aspose.Editor for .NET (2006-12-06)
Aspose.Editor is a Word Processor Control for Windows Forms.
VB.Net to J# Converter 1.0 (2006-12-05)
VB.Net to J# Converter add-in for Visual Studio 2003.
Teroid Data Filter 3.0 (2006-12-04)
.NET control allowing users to set filtering for a DataView or BindingSource
Aspose.AdHoc for .NET (2006-11-28)
Aspose.AdHoc is an ASP.NET component to quickly add the ad hoc capabilities.
Aspose.Workflow for .NET (2006-11-26)
Aspose.Workflow is a .NET component to support industry standard workflow.
Aspose.Grid for .NET (2006-11-14)
Aspose.Grid is a .NET component that provides you a total grid solution.
Aspose.iCalendar for .NET (2006-11-13)
Aspose.iCalendar is a .NET component to manage schedules.
Aspose.Spell for .NET (2006-10-03)
Aspose.Spell is a multilingual spell checking .NET component.
Aspose.Flash for .NET (2006-10-01)
Aspose.Flash is a non-graphical, .NET Flash« management component.
VbGUI ActiveX 1.0 (2006-08-16)
Advanced and ready to use Graphic User Interface for Visual Basic programs.
BugSentry (2006-08-02)
Receive automatic bug reports when your application fails.
TransKing 2.0 (2006-07-30)
VB and VB.NET to C# Converter Free Download
Teroid Data Graph 1.0 (2006-07-24)
.NET component drawing graphs from ADO .NET data
VS.NETcodePrint 2005 8.1.64 (2006-07-17)
Print VS. NET source code in color and export output to RTF, PDF and HTML
Code Generator Pro 1.1 (2006-07-16)
Save time generating code and handle the core of your applications.
TierDeveloper 5.2.4 (2006-06-27)
O/R Mapping Tool that lets you generate functional .NET components
Project Browser+ 4.3.95 (2006-06-18)
Replacement for VB6 project explorer and much more!
Membership Manager Control 1.0 (2006-05-01)
Drop-in Control Panel for managing Asp.Net 2.0 Membership Users.
Aspose.ASPXpand for .NET (2006-04-06)
Aspose.ASPXpand helps to bridge the gap between web and desktop development.
Code VBA 4.0 (2006-03-28)
Code-VBA coding tools let you create better VBA code up to 50% faster
TurboVB 3.3 (2006-03-01)
TurboVB is a feature packed VB tool with 40+ add-ins and free support + updates
TurboVBLite 3.3 (2006-03-01)
TurboVBLite is a freeware tool for VB6, with 10 tools.
EazyCode 3.6 (2006-02-28)
Generates ready-to-use and easily extendable, database driven applications
mCore .NET SMS Library (PRO) 1.0 (2006-02-25)
.NET class library for 2-Way SMS, WAP Push, vCard and vCalendar using GSM Modem
mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) 1.0 (2006-02-25)
.NET class library for sending/receiving SMS using GSM Modem
Project Analyzer 8 (2006-02-24)
Source code analyzer and documentor for Visual Basic, VB.NET and VBA
PDFBlackbox (.NET) 4.3 (2006-02-20)
Add support for PDF security to C# or VB.NET (.NET Framework) applications
SSLBlackbox (.NET) 4.3 (2006-02-20)
Add support for SSL / TLS to your .NET (VB.NET or C#) application
PGPBlackbox (.NET) 4.3 (2006-02-20)
Add support for PGP algorithms to C# or VB.NET (.NET Framework) applications