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Publisher: CrookedBush.com Inc.
Product: FantasyBetting
Version: 50110-1906
Cost: $ 11.99
File size: 16 KB
Platform: Unix/Linux
Keywords: FantasyBetting,gambling,without,credits,players,insider,information,Fantasy,Betting,justforfun,betting,dollars,bangles,currency,

This script brings the fun of gambling to your site, without the worry of us...

This Fantasy Betting is a just-for-fun way to manage betting on your site. Every user who logs in gets a set amount of 'dollars' or 'quid' or 'bangles' (you decide the currency) then have an opportunity to place a fun wager on items of your choice. When you're ready to announce the winner, all users are sent an email asking them to re-visit your site to claim their 'winnings. ' Thus this becomes a great way to get repeat customers.

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