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MSI To EXE Builder Tool (2008-01-11)
Setup creator converts MSI Microsoft Installer into EXE Executable file format
Create MSI TO EXE Setup (2008-01-11)
MSI to EXE setup creator tool creates EXE installer from MSI installation file
Software Installation Setup Package (2008-01-11)
Windows setup installer maker software creates installation exe package program
Setup Creator Software (2008-01-11)
Setup creator software make windows DLL installer package with uninstall feature
MSI to EXE Conversion Software (2008-01-11)
MSI to EXE conversion software generate executable file from Microsoft installer
Windows Installation Package Creator (2008-01-11)
Professional setup builder application generate executable installation package
Setup Installation Creator (2008-01-11)
Microsoft installer exe creator generates complete Windows installation package
Setup Builder Software (2008-01-11)
Setup installer maker program produce single self extracting installation file
MSI to EXE Maker Utility (2008-01-11)
MSI to EXE maker utility create executable package from windows installer file
Setup Installer Creator (2008-01-11)
Tool offer install and uninstall wizard to generate setup installation package
Setup Compiler Software (2008-01-11)
Customized setup creating wizard easily make software installation setup package
Setup Installation Builder (2008-01-11)
Setup installation builder tool creates single self extracting installation file
Setup Installer Wizard (2008-01-11)
Download setup installer wizard to produce installation exe package application
MSI to EXE Package Creator (2008-01-11)
MSI to EXE package creator build EXE setup package from .Net framework .msi file
Application Setup Creator Software (2008-01-11)
Setup installer generates exe installation package to deploy windows application
Setup Package Installer (2008-01-11)
Setup creator package generates setup file for efficient distribution of program
Setup Installation Package Creator (2008-01-11)
Advance setup maker software create installation package for windows application
MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator (2008-01-11)
MSI to EXE setup converter tool changes MSI installer package into EXE file
CreateInstall 4.11 (2007-11-15)
Versatile, flexible and powerful installer for producing fully featured setups.
001Micron MSI to EXE Converter (2007-11-11)
MSI to exe installation setup maker convert windows installer to executable file
MSI to EXE Setup Creator (2007-11-11)
Professional setup creator utility to convert MSI format installer to EXE files
Tarma ExpertInstall 3.6.2867 (2007-11-06)
Tarma ExpertInstall creates native and MSI software installers.
Setup Builder 6.04 (2007-10-04)
Setup Builder Installer for Windows
Agentix Installer 1.9.15 (2007-08-24)
Creates single-exe setups. Small size overhead. Multilingual and .net support.
Tarma QuickInstall 2.99 (2007-07-10)
Tarma QuickInstall creates fast, compact, and full-featured software installers.
Pocket PC Installation Creator 2.5 (2007-06-20)
The all-in-one tool for creating installations for Pocket PC and SmartPhones
Paquet Builder (2007-06-15)
Create personalized, full-featured Self-Extracting 7-Zip Cabinet or Zip packages
SetupBuilder 6.5.1852 (2007-05-01)
Powerful and easy to use Installation Authoring and Configuration Management
NETCheck 3.0 (2007-04-09)
Check for .NET Framework in Your Software, Download, Install It
Advanced Installer for Java 4.8 (2007-03-06)
Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications
CreateInstall Light 4.3 (2007-02-20)
Convenient and intuitive installer for creating top quality installation packs.
Advanced Installer Professional 4.7 (2007-01-29)
Advanced Installer Professional 4.7 is a Windows Installer authoring tool.
CreateInstall Free 4.9 (2006-10-24)
A flexible yet simple and clear freeware installer for building setups.
Discstarter 3.3.4 (2006-07-14)
Create professional looking CD-ROM menus and front-ends with pure HTML.
Daboo AutoRun (2006-05-08)
Removes limitations of Autorun by allowing multiple file types to be run.
MAKEMSI 06.096 (2006-04-06)
Builds or Updates MSI based Installers. Has MSI decompiler/difference tool.
MSIDIFF 06.081 (2006-03-22)
MSIDIFF compares or decompiles Windows Installer Databases (MSI, MSM etc)
MeshInstall for Windows 1.0fc1 (2006-03-14)
Non-Programmers Create Encrypted, Serialized Installers for mp3s, 3D, artwork
Install Sure 1.0 (2006-03-10)
Install Sure is a feature rich program used to make software installation files.
Ssetup 4.90 (2006-03-10)
General purpose Win95/98 or NT/winXP installation /uninstall utility.