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Net Viewer for Macintosh

Publisher: Accessory Software
Product: Net Viewer for Macintosh
Version: 9.2
Cost: $ 19.95
File size: 9765 KB
Platform: Mac OS X
Keywords: Net Viewer, Internet, EMail, Database, Internet Organizer, Web Page Organizer, Bookmark, URL, Favorites, Web Browserr Utility

Organize thousands of Web Pages and EMail in a secure Database.

Organize thousands of Web Sites by Categories, priorities, search words, and Users in a secure database. Collect Web Sites automatically while browsing the internet using a number of Web Browsers at once. Save EMail, URL's, Passwords by Web Site in the database. You can view all your collected web sites by category, priority, web site name, and three search key words. Extract Links from Web Pages and Save Web Pages OffLine.

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