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RGB Color Wallpaper

Publisher: Tecdrop
Product: RGB Color Wallpaper
Version: 2.0
Cost: $ 0.00
File size: 80 KB
Platform: Android
Keywords: wallpaper, color, color wallpaper, solid color wallpaper, RGB, Android, smartphone, tablet

Mix red, green, and blue, to create your own amazing color wallpaper.

Simply drag the 3 seek bars to blend red, green and blue, and create your own unique and beautiful color wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet. There is also a list of over 1500 named colors to use as inspiration (such as Antique Bronze, Apple, Bittersweet, French Rose, Jungle Green, Royal Blue, or Torch Red). You can also use the app for color therapy, as a fun tool to play with the kids and teach them colors, or even as a color picker.

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