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Radius Manager

Publisher: DMA Softlab LLC
Product: Radius Manager
Version: 4.2.0
Cost: $ 99.00
File size: 488 KB
Platform: Linux,Linux Console,Unix
Keywords: radius,docsis,mikrotik,cisco,staros,chillispot,dialup,billing,web,frontend,hotspot,wlan,software,admin,user,management,accountin

RADIUS and DOCSIS billing system

Radius Manager is an easy to use administration and billing solution for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, ChilliSpot, pfSense NAS and DOCSIS CMTS. It supports Byte and time capping, bandwidth shaping, prepaid, postpaid accounts, prepaid cards, automatic disconnection of expired accounts, includes prepaid card generator. The billing module generates printable invoices. Supports PayPal, Authorize.net, DPS, Netcash. TCP/UDP connection logger module.

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