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Random Text

Publisher: CrookedBush.com Inc.
Product: Random Text
Version: 1.0
Cost: $ 0.00
File size: 2 KB
Platform: Unix/Linux
Keywords: database,separated,special,characters,Perhaps,document,someone,solution,created,randomly,chooses,browser,anywhere,Include,snippe

This simple script will show random text or HTML every time a page is loaded.

What to place random quotes in a footer on every page? Perhaps you'd like to change HTML in the body of your document each time someone visits your site? This script is an easy solution: it reads a text file which you've created ahead of time, randomly chooses one of these clips of text, and prints it to the users browser anywhere in the document you want it to. Include a snippet of HTML, like a random link, or the code for an image.

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