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RazorSQL for Mac

Publisher: Richardson Software, LLC
Product: RazorSQL for Mac
Version: 8.3.6
Cost: $ 99.95
File size: 76380 KB
Platform: Mac OS X
Keywords: sql, database, query, tool, editor, client, gui, front end, database navigator, database browser, ODBC, JDBC, Oracle, MySQL, SQL

SQL editor, database browser, and db admin tool that supports over 40 databases

SQL editor, database browser, query tool, and database management tool for over 40 databases. Run SQL scripts; do SQL programming; visually edit, create, alter, drop, and view database objects; visually build queries; import and export data; and browse databases with the navigator. Includes support for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, SQLite, Access, Cassandra, Firebird, Sybase, Teradata, DynamoDB, and many more.

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