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I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition 4.0 (2006-03-29)
Protect yourself from accidentally pressing unwanted key combinations.
Keystroke Converter 4.779 (2006-03-28)
Customize keyboard layout, change keyboard shortcuts, replace keyboard key.
Captain Tray Pro 6.4 (2006-03-11)
Captain Tray Pro is a simple tool for system tray management.
TransWin 1.0.3 (2006-03-08)
Help you to make any or all of the windows on your desktop to be transparent.
Desktoplet 1.1 (2006-03-02)
Quickly open desktop icons when they are covered by other windows.
ShellDispenser 1.0 (2006-02-27)
Close, start and restart Windows Explorer with the press of a key!
Hide Window Hotkey 2.5 (2006-02-25)
Hide applications quickly by Hotkey.Auto resize programs,transparency windows.
Flash Desktop 4.0 (2006-02-16)
Convert Flash movies to wallpapers or screensavers.
Handy Folders 3.0 (2006-02-15)
Pick a short way to a folder you need and save time
FolderInfo Extension for Windows Explorer 1.0 (2006-02-08)
Display size and number of Files in Folders in Windows Explorer
Alax.Info NTFS Links 1.1 (2006-02-06)
A set of shell extensions to manipulate soft and hard NTFS links
TaskSwitchXP Pro 2.09 (2006-02-04)
TaskSwitchXP is an advanced replacement for the standard Windows Alt-Tab dialog.
ExeDesk, Professional Edition 2.0.0 Beta (2006-02-02)
Theme enabled virtual desktop manager that replaces standard Windows desktop.
FolderHighlight 1.1 (2006-01-28)
Never lose your folder with FolderHighlight
Camtech Context Tools 1.0 (2006-01-27)
Add useful utilities to Windows Explorer Context Menu
LinkChanger 1.0 (2006-01-17)
Makes replacing in groups of Windows Links(*.lnk) information like: Path,Args...
Vista Start Menu 1.4 (2006-01-14)
A convenient alternative to the "Start" menu for starting programs quickly.
Display Resolution Manager 3.7 (2005-12-25)
Let each user have own screen resolution, brightness and color settings.
UIFriend 2.0.2 (2005-12-20)
Quick resolution changing, desktop and screen saver enhancements, and more.
Zombie Workstation 0.1 (2005-12-15)
Improve network security by automatically logging off users that forget.
ClubControl AE 4.1.31704 (2005-12-08)
Internet and Cyber Cafe Software
WinProcesses 1.0 (2005-12-06)
WinProcesses is an utility which allow you to view a lot of info about processes
Magical Glass (2005-11-28)
The nice magnifier, moves together with the cursor.
Take Command 7.00 (2005-11-27)
Take Command is a powerful Windows GUI command interpreter
4NT 7.00 (2005-11-27)
4NT is a powerful replacement for CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor.
TrayLink 3.2 (2005-11-15)
TrayLink is a powerful alternative to the Windows start menu.
AudioShell 1.1 (2005-11-07)
MP3/WMA/M4A/MP4/OGG/APE/FLAC tag editor shell extension
Fast Folder Access 1.8 (2005-11-03)
Quick jump to your favorite folders and preview image in the context menu.
BatMonkey SendTo Module 1.01 (2005-10-03)
Open a DOS prompt in the current folder with a file or folder name variable
X2Net Recent Documents (2005-09-29)
Enhances Windows Recent Documents menu to help find recently used files easily.
ManageDesk Virtual Desktop 2.45.00 (2005-09-27)
Compact, user friendly, stable and robust in operation virtual desktop manager.
ResolutionChanger 3.01 (2005-09-11)
Change resolution temporarily or permanently with command line switches
QuickFolders 3.5.0 (2005-09-01)
Save your time when working with the same documents in different applications!
EscapeClose Pro 1.9 (2005-08-30)
The utility, allowing you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button.
Taskbar Manager 3.0 (2005-08-17)
Reorder buttons on taskbar, Hide applications, Stop unwanted startup programs
enable Virtual Desktop 2.3.1 (2005-07-18)
enable Virtual Desktop is the next generation in virtual desktop managers.
WallPaperPlus 4.1 (2005-06-24)
This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of motion.
True Eraser 1.0 (2005-06-08)
TrueEraser allows you to remove sensitive data from your computer.
Bee Icons (2005-05-29)
Allows changing over 250 system icons by applying themes to them
Mmm FREE 2.0 (2005-05-18)
Configure your windows menus and move and remove menu-items you never use!