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Publisher: CrookedBush.com Inc.
Product: SiteShadow
Version: 50821-2052
Cost: $ 11.99
File size: 8 KB
Platform: Unix/Linux
Keywords: SiteShadow,information,content,favourite,changing,graphics,annoying,banners,another,siteYour,browser,extrapolate,content,siteUsi

SiteShadow pulls information from other web sites, and places it within your...

This is a neat way to mimic content from another site. Your web server can pose as a web browser, visit a web site of your choice, extrapolate content, modify it, and then feed it back to a user on your site. Using a search and replace routine, you can tell the script exactly what to look for and what to put in it's place. A snippet of JavaScript can be instantly removed, or the name of the site can be automatically modified.

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