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VShell Server for UNIX

Publisher: VanDyke Software Inc.
Product: VShell Server for UNIX
Version: 4.4.2
Cost: $ 249.00
File size: 7930 KB
Platform: Mac OS X,Unix,Linux
Keywords: ssh, ssh2,Secure Shell, security, secure server, Windows, UNIX, remote access, secure access, file transfer, secure file transfe

SSH server providing fine tune control over access and file transfer privileges

VShell Secure Shell (SSH) server for Windows, Mac and UNIX is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP that gives you the strong encryption, trusted authentication, and data integrity you need to securely access network resources and transfer data. Precision control over privileges, the ability to fine tune your Secure Shell environment, and strong authentication methods give you a flexible solution that grows with your evolving security policies.

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