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Publisher: TheHelloMaker
Product: YesTrueGo
Version: 1.0
Cost: $ 0.00
File size: 36 KB
Platform: Android
Keywords: decide, decision, help, green light, red light, traffic light, random, free, intuitive, app, android

Yes/true/go or no/false/stop? Have a hard time deciding? Let this tiny app help.

Decisions and questions. Life is full of them. Loves me? Loves me not? Should I call? Can I have some ice-cream? Are we there yet? Need some help? Simply tap the YesTrueGo icon: the decision is instantly displayed floating over your screen, and it automatically disappears in a short while. No need to touch anything to 'close' the app. The positive decision looks like a green traffic light, while the negative decision looks like a red light.

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