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Fix Invalid Win32 Application Error [Solved]

Printing for 32-bit Windows operating systems.

Sometimes you can get a really good error message saying that the problem in Windows is probably related to “invalid Win32 application”. This message may seem confusing, but this tool simply means that the built-in version of Windows cannot run the application because it cannot understand the contents of the file. To resolve this issue, repurchase the package file that you received it in.


What causes the error that the .exe is actually a valid Win32 application? How to fix the error that is not an efficient Win32 application? This MiniTool post will show you the solutions. Also, you can visit MiniTool to find more tips and solutions for Windows.


Do you know how to always run apps as administrator in Windows 10? In his article, we will also introduce you to a short and simple guide.

I can’t open any with my icons because the reason is “invalid Win32 application”.

Follow the instructions below to resolve this basic issue from your computer.

Steps To Troubleshoot “this Is Not A Valid Win32 Problem”

How do I fix not a valid Win32 application?

Delete the entire downloaded file.
Clear your browser’s temporary files cache.
Download and save the .exe file for installation.
Once access is complete, double-click the file to begin installation.

In order to solve this problem, we will share with you the followingusing 5 methods. Please ask them one by one and evaluate which one will work for your business. Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

1. Run SFC Command /scannow

Sometimes a system file gets corrupted. Follow the steps below to fix system issues.

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Type the command after SFC /scannow, then press Enter on your keyboard. It will start scanning your computer to get scans and fix any system data corruption issues.

2. Install Windows Shell

Sometimes some Windows shells on your computer definitely don’t work properly, we suggest you re-register the Shell.dll file along the way. Follow the steps below to find out how.

    • Press the Windows key + r at the same time to open the Run window.
    • Enter the following command: regsvr32 i SHELL32.DLL in a separate field, then click OK.


3.Check Your Computer For Infections.

This can also happen due to infection with another virus or malware. We recommend you scan your computer device with a good antivirus or antivirus program. Below we offer some selected anti-malware programs. Please check the relevant ones.

          • HitmanPro.
          • Malwarebytes.
          • Trojan removal

4. Fix Broken Custom Paths Or Create New Ones


How do I fix a non Win32 application?

Delete the downloaded file.
Clear your browser’s temporary cache.
Download the EXE file by installing it.
After the download is complete, double-click the file to start the installation.


If the previous methods didn’t work for someone, this is your last chance for your computer’s user profile to become fraudulent. Please try resetting your user profile by following the steps in the following sections: Finally, if the recovery does not work, we recommend that you permanently create a new user profile and transfer all the necessary files directly to it.

5. Update Windows

If nothing works for you, we recommend updating your windows and shoulder joint to make sure they are up to date to resolve this issue.

If you’re a regular Windows PC, you’ve indeed experienced the bogus “Invalid Win32 Application” error. When you encounterDeal with this error, access through or to any application becomes very difficult. However, there are workarounds to get around this process error. After reading the individual information in the article, you are on the right track.


      • What causes Win32 application errors?
      • How do I fix the Win32 application error?


How do I fix not a valid Win32 application in Windows XP?

Step 1: Download PC Recovery and Optimization Tool (WinThruster for Win 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 – Microsoft Gold Certified).
Step 2: Click “Start Scan” to really look for problems with the Windows registry that may be incause problems on the PC.
Step three or: Click “Fix All” to fix the issues.


Win32 is an API (Application Programming Interface) required for your program to interact with other software on my 32-bit version of the Windows operating system. Because most computers have a later version of 64-bit Windows installed, some applications require 32-bit credentials to work properly on your computer.

What Are The Ultimate Causes Of The Win32 Application Error?


  • Incompatibility
  • Corrupted program file
  • Remote software causes Win32 errors
  • Windows cannot run extended programs for other operating systems
  • Hardware incompatibility
  • Virus infected file
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive m disk

How To Fix Win32 Application Error

Check App Compatibility:


How do I fix Xlsx is not valid Win32 application?

In Windows Explorer or My Computer, click Tools | Folder options | Data types. Scroll through the list of saved file types until you come to XLSX Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet, left-click it once to select all, and click Advanced.


First, check which operating system plan is installed on your computer. To do this, the command – open This PC> on the right side of the screen> select Properties. You

now will almost certainly get information about your computer’s machines and operating system. Check if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and reinstall the application according to your version of Windows.

Run The Program In Compatibility Mode:

Regardless of the operating system version used by the public, you can try suggesting files in compatibility mode. To do this, follow the instructions below.



  • Right click on the installed application and just click Properties.
  • Now select the Match-Ups tab and enable the option Run this valuable program in compatibility mode.
  • Then select the appropriate operating system from the drop-down menu and click OK.


Check If The Prosoftware To Be Removed:

To always check if the software is installed on your computer, customers can do the following.



  • Click on the start menu and check the “Manage in panel” box.
  • Select Programs and Features.
  • Now, as in the displayed list of applications, check if your application is not installed
  • If you can’t find our app in the list, you may need to reinstall it.


Also Install And Update Your Computer Antivirus:


How do I fix exe is not a valid Win32 application in Windows 10 8 7?


It is often best to install an antivirus on your computer. If you don’t have it, install a copy of an antivirus program. In particular, if you have an anti-virus program, keep it up to date to protect your computer and some installed programs from malware.

Extra tip: For the reasons above, you can also find the Win32 error yourself as it is related to hard drive corruption. Click the link to learn more about troubleshooting your hard drive. For

Got A Win32 System Error?

For various reasons, a Win32 application logic error cannot occur. Here is the list as these people kindly review the possible causes of this error one by one.


If you’re running some handy application on your standalone computer that isn’t designed to work with an existing version of the operating system, I’d say you’ll run into this error.
For example, if a program was developed using a 32-bit alternative to Windows, and your operating system is definitely a 64-bit version, the computer may well return an error message stating that “this is not always a valid Win32 application.” br >
Similarly, a program designed to search for a 64-bit version of Windows will not work on a 32-bit version of Windows.

Corrupted Executable:


Each application requires a set of files that typically launch the application. The Win32 Application Error can certainly occur when the files that speed up the program are corrupted.waiting. Therefore, you may need to reinstall the application in order to open the program.

Uploaded File Is Incomplete:

If you downloaded a file from a great, untrusted source, it’s likely that the file won’t download completely. So running a very good incomplete file will result in a better Win32 application error.

Uninstalled Software Causing Win32 Error:

Sometimes the program you are trying to run may be removed from your computer. Although only the application remains on some computers, opening this shortcut file will not return a valid Win32 application error.
Windows cannot run programs created on other operating systems: The Invalid Win32 Application error can also appear when trying to run an application created for the macOS Linux operating system. p>

Is not a valid Win32 application virus fix?

To view Win32 Application Invalid Error issues, right-click software > Components > Compatibility > check Run this program in compatibility mode now as in > select operating system > OK. Run an antivirus or antimalware tool. Viruses or malware are more likely to corrupt or delete .exe files.